Once Upon A Paper Pallet

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Why Are Paper Pallets The Better Alternative?

It all began in the 1940s when there was a rising need to reduce the process of returning wood pallets and metal pallets, in order to reduce the cost of shipping. Pallet designers found that the light weight, size customizability, efficiency, and recyclability gave paper pallets more benefits than the wood pallets and metal pallets that was currently in use.

Norman Cahners  

One of the pallet designers, Norman Cahners worked in the U.S Navy Materials Handling Laboratory during the second world war. He had seen the variety of pallets and their capacities, leading him to believe and encourage the development of lightweight pallets designed from alternative materials. 

Norman Cahners stated that platforms contribute significantly to the shipping cost due to the weight and space consumption. Back in the days, wood pallets and steel pallets could weight over 45 kilograms, adding unnecessary cost to any shipment. On top of that, wood pallets and metal pallets were usually returned empty which increased the overhead cost. Hence the reason behind the invention of practical, inexpensive, and customizable paper pallets that are just as sturdy and just as strong as wood and metal pallets. 

Industrial Revolution In Western Region

As the industry began to evolve, many of the earliest inventions of paper pallets had failed to meet expectations. However, modern day technology has brought paper pallets a long way since its humble beginnings. 

At Finopeous, we have developed our very own patented Finoboard that has surpassed other types of paper pallets made from honeycomb or triple wall. Strength-tested 19mm to 30mm, our 2 ways paper pallets are customizable to fit our clients exportation needs via land, air, and sea.

Finopeous Factory In Sepang

Finopeous Heavy Duty Paper Pallet is made from 100% industrial recycled paper, boasting strength, durability, flexibility, and cost efficiency. It is a 100% recyclable environmental friendly alternative that is weather resistant, fumigation free, and RoHS compliant. 

Various sizes of Finopeous Paper Pallets

Just as Norman Cahners had presented, our paper pallets weigh just ⅓ of what a wooden pallet will weight, and are more flexible in design, shape, and size. The winning benefit is a lower shipping cost for all. Hence, as the leading heavy duty paper pallet and paper crate manufacturing company in Malaysia, we stand by the early paper pallet designers—embarking on innovative pursuits to provide more sustainable packaging alternatives in the market.

If you’re looking for cost saving packaging solutions, get in touch with us now. We’ll be more than happy to send you a FREE and ready to use sample of our patented paper pallet for your next shipment!