The 6 Benefits Of Paper Pallets

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What Makes Paper Pallets Better Than Wood, Plastic, & Metal Pallets

Are paper pallets really better than wood, plastic, and metal pallets? Why is the exportation industry shifting toward paper pallets? Here are 5 reasons why you should start using paper pallets today! 

#1 Paper Pallets Cost Less

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Paper pallets cost significantly less in comparison to pallets that are made from wood, metal, and plastic. The average wood pallet weighs 16 kilograms while the average paper pallet only weighs 4 kilograms. With an automated manufacturing process and sizes that are customisable, paper pallets are known to be cost-effective. No dimensions will be wasted when the pallets are customised to the exact measurement that meets a client’s exportation need. 

#2 Paper Pallets Are Recyclable 

The standard wood pallet will incur additional cost during disposal. However, paper pallets are made out of 100% new industrial recyclable paper. This enables paper pallets to be recycled, creating a revenue flow for companies. Once purchased paper pallets are no longer in use, compensation is given when the materials are recycled—a win-win scenario for both businesses and the environment. 

#3 Paper Pallets Are Just As Sturdy

It is a common misconception that paper pallets cannot withstand heavy and bulky products. Contrary, paper pallets are just as sturdy as wood, metal, and plastic pallets. It has a dynamic loading capacity of up to 1500 kilograms and a static loading capacity of up to 3000 kilograms.

#4 Paper Pallets Are Customisable

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Unlike the other pallet options, paper pallets are customisable in size. Wood and plastic pallets are usually narrowed down to a handful of standard sizes whereas paper pallets are able to cater to every individual customer’s needs. Paper pallets offer a flexibility in design based on a product’s weight and its cargo size. 

#5 Paper Pallets Are The Future

Paper pallet is a sustainable and cost saving packaging solution. As the leading heavy duty paper pallet and paper crate manufacturing company in Malaysia, our signature patented paper pallets have travelled around the world, demonstrating its strength to withstand the tumbles of export logistics. As paper pallets are lightweight, 100% recyclable, weather-resistant, and fumigation free, it is only a matter of time before it becomes the number one packaging choice for all.

#6 Paper Pallets Are Ideal For Air Export

Due to its lightweight nature and its customizability, paper pallets are ideal for air export. Air freight is known to be the fastest way to move goods worldwide, and weight plays an important role in this preferred method of exportation. As paper pallets are 60% lighter than wood pallets and 30% lighter than plastic pallets, it offers businesses the opportunity to transport their goods in the safest and fastest manner possible.  

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