The Types Of Pallets For Shipping

by | Oct 31, 2019 | 0 comments

Did you know that there are only two main types of pallets in the industry⁠—the stringer pallets and the block pallets?

Before choosing a pallet type for your shipment, it is best to fully understand what both pallets are. The choice itself is more important than one might think, as it will serve as the foundation of your shipment—safeguarding your products along the journey. So before you make a decision, here is a comprehensive explanation on the two pallets available.

The Block Pallet

Block Pallets are usually made from nine sturdy wooden blocks. The wooden blocks are placed at the four corners, in the centre of each side, and the centre of the pallet itself. It is commonly known as a four-way pallet due to forklift access from all four sides of the pallet—the pallet remaining in the same orientation no matter which way it is lifted and carried. The Block Pallets can also be designed with bottom deck boards or a full-perimeter base.

In comparison to Stringer Pallets, the Block Pallets are known to be stronger and more durable—commonly used for heavier loads as they provide more support.

The Stringer Pallet

The Stringer Pallets use stringers to support the load of a product. What are stringers? Stringers are the boards that are sandwiched between the top and the bottom deck boards. The stringers are usually made out of 2 x 4’s or 3 x 4’s.

In comparison to the Block Pallets, Stringer Pallets are generally two-way pallets. This means that a forklift will only be able to access the pallets from two sides. However, Stringer Pallets can still be notched on the non-accessible sides. Stringer Pallets are also customisable to any size.

Which Is Better?

Both block and stringer pallets are wood pallets that serve a purpose. To know which pallet is better is to first consider the product, its weight and size, and the country of shipment. As one of the trusted paper pallet consultants in Malaysia, we are more than happy to guide our customers on the best choice for their next shipment. Additionally, we have developed our very own eco-friendly Oriented Strand Board that is ISPM-15 compliant and fumigation free—a cost saving wood pallet alternative in the market. So should you be interested in learning more about our pallet options, get in touch with us today. We will be more than happy to offer our advice, as well as a free sample that you can use right away.