Top 5 Strange Pallet Materials

by | Oct 31, 2019 | 0 comments

Did you know that there are many other alternatives to shipping pallets in the market? These alternatives aim to be environmentally-friendly in the efforts of protecting the earth, while meeting the growing pallet demand in the trade industry. Here are the top five strange pallet materials that showcases human ingenuity in protecting the world we live in.

#1 Coconut Pallets

A pallet manufacturer in the Netherlands called CocoPallet International are making pallets from coconut waste. With less than 15% of a coconut husk being utilised, CocoPallet International decided to develop coconut-based pallets, with materials molded and then binded using natural binders.

#2 Flower Pallets

In an effort to minimise floricultural waste, a company in Columbia designed an innovative pressure mold to make ecological pallets using hydrangea stems. The company, called Bioestibas, collects 90 tons of hydrangea stems each month—saving flower growers 75% of their organic leftovers disposal cost.

#3 Almond Pallets

Did you know that the state of California grows 80% of the world’s almonds? California generates more than a billion pounds of almond shells a year. Hence, researchers from the USDA have found a way to utilise almond shells as a filler for pallets. The almond shells have been proven to make plastic stiffer in comparison to other materials.

#4 Banana Pallets

Established in 2012, a Dutch company called Yellow Pallet has found a way to extrude banana waste into materials, which can then be made into pallets. The production of banana pallets is said to lower carbon emission and is more cost-effective.

#5 Hemp Pallets

In hopes of protecting the world’s forests and woodlands, a company in Australia called Biofiba has developed a patented hemp-based pallet material—a harvested, biodegradable, simulated timber. The lumber, made from industrial hemp, is extruded into a profile before it is cut and fastened like a wood pallet.

#6 BONUS: The Oriented Strand Board

As Malaysia’s trusted paper pallet consultant, we at Finopeous Packaging have developed our very own eco-friendly Oriented Strand Board pallet as an alternative to wood and plastic pallet. Generally, solid wood pallets require fumigation to prevent the spread of disease across international trade. However, strands of wood in our oriented strand board pallet are bonded together in a process that exterminates all disease-carrying insects. This ensures that your packaging is insect-free, allowing you to avoid fumigation cost with an equally strong and durable pallet.

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