Why Did IKEA Choose Paper?

by | Oct 31, 2019 | 0 comments

Since 2012, the leading international retailer began using paper pallets instead of wood pallets. During the transition, IKEA overhauled their storage system globally⁠—the first retailer ‘to work with non-wooden pallets in a high-volume retail environment’. But, why did IKEA decide to make such a change?

Despite wood pallets being an integral part of their retail image for many years, IKEA mentioned that non-wooden handling materials are more sustainable as they are lightweight and recyclable. By using paper pallets instead of wood pallets, IKEA will reduce wood consumption⁠—being a more environmentally friendly company by reducing its environmental impact.

Additionally, paper pallets will allow IKEA to achieve better fill rates in containers due to their weight, lower profile, and customizability to fit unit loads. Paper pallets are also easily transported on ground, making transportation of products more efficient⁠—saving at least 10% of transportation cost, approximately 193 million dollars a year.

Karin Perntoft, the Communications Manager of IKEA Transport Global, mentioned that, ‘replacing wooden pallets with lower and lighter handling material creates positive effects on costs, environment, filling rate, and density in our stores. This change makes it possible to increase filling rate (more products in each transport shipment) as well as minimise return transportation with empty wooden pallets. A minimised need of return flow of empty wooden pallets saves costs and emissions. In Europe, this means approximately 50,000 trucks taken away from the roads every year’.

At Finopeous, we stand by IKEA’s decision in choosing the paper pallet alternative. As we strive to develop packaging solutions that are 100% recyclable, weather resistant, fumigation free and RoHS compliant, the initiatives taken by mega companies continue to inspire us to design more innovative packaging solutions in the future.

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