Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently ASked questions

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Why paper pallet over wood or plastic pallet?

Logisticians knows that space + weight = cost. In pallet weight alone, swapping wood or plastic for paper pallet could reduce the amount of air freight costs. Doing so will save money, reduce carbon footprints and advance zero waste goals as it is recyclable.

Q: What loads can your paper pallet withstand?

A: This depends on every individual customer’s product weight and packaging arrangements. Our finopallet and finocrate are all specially customized according to customer’s needs. Generally, our heavy duty paper pallet/crate could
withstand a dynamic load of 750-1500kgs.

Q: Are your pallets able to work with pallet handjack?

A: Generally, all our pallet/crates are designed to handle handjack entry and also forklift. You just need to let us know
what design and requirement you’re looking for.

Q: Among the common misconceptions about paper pallet is that they will crumble when in contact with water. Is this true?

A: No. This concern is addressed by an option of waxed runners to act as a waterproofing base.

Q: Are you paper pallets RoHS compliant?

A: Yes!

Q: Do I need to fumigate or heat treat your paper pallets when exporting?

A: No! Unlike wood products, paper does not require fumigation as they do not
contain pests and are ISPM15 compliant.

Q: Do I need to fumigate when exporting Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Pallet?

A: No! ISPM 15 exempts products made from processed wood materials such as OSB from being heat treated or fumigated.
OSB is an engineered wood, whereby thin wood strands are bonded together with adhesives under high heat and pressure which do not contain pests. For more info, you can read it here.

Q: Is it economically to use paper pallet on air shipment?

Yes, practically on weight cargo.

(Weight per pallet) x (Shipping cost/kg to exporting destination) = Shipping cost/pallet weight.
Imagine how much you can save!