Waterproof runners

Corrugated industrial grade paper

ISPM 15, RoHS, ISO 9001:2015 compliant

Heavy Duty Patented

Paper Pallet

Lower Freight Cost Double-stacking Fumigation-free Environmentally-Friendly

Key Qualities

Weight Support

Dynamic load of up to 1,500kgs
Static load of up to 3,000kgs
Racking & double-stacking support.


Compatible in moist or wet surfaced areas with our waxed runners.

Lightweight (≤ 5kgs)

Lower costs for air freight shipments, as the chargeable weight is lower.

Fumigation Free

Absence of wood in our pallets ensures ISPM 15 compliance, eliminating the need for methyl bromide or heat treatment.


We customize to your needs and provide expert advice on optimizing your packaging for cost and space efficiency.

Easy Handling

Our lightweight, nail-free, and flat-surfaced pallets make movement effortless, minimizing the risk of employee injuries.


Our paper pallets are crafted from new industrial-grade paper, fully recyclable for a sustainable planet earth.

Patent No: MY-151536-A

Crafted with a patented corrugated design, our pallets boast superior strength compared to traditional honeycomb paper alternatives.

Superior Service

We are dedicated to not only producing quality products but also placing our customer experience at the heart of our commitment.

Lower Air Freight Cost 🚀✨

How? Air freight cargos are typically charged by the shipment’s weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. Our lightweight paper pallets only weighs around 5kgs, that’s at least 60% lighter than traditional wooden pallets. Translation? You’re in for a wallet-friendly air freight ride with us. Cheers to lighter loads and lower costs!

Saving Our Planet 🌱♻️

Unlike traditional wooden pallets, which pose challenges in disposal and contribute to landfill congestion, our paper pallets offer a sustainable solution. They are 100% recyclable after use, leaving a minimal environmental footprint and aligning seamlessly with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) compliances. Choose a more eco-friendly path for a sustainable future with our recyclable paper pallets.

Goodbye Fumigation 🕷️🚫

When it comes to exporting with wooden pallets, the mandatory fumigation process can bring about additional costs and delays. The good news is, our paper pallets eliminate the need for fumigation and proudly adhere to ISPM 15 compliance, offering you a seamless and cost-effective solution for your export needs.

Meticulous Workmanship ✍🏻

We’re not just saying it; we genuinely prioritize quality and sustainability in everything we do – from product design to customer service. Our paper pallets exemplify this commitment, meticulously crafted from the finest industrial-grade paper. With a patented corrugated design, they boast strengths comparable to traditional wooden pallets, surpassing even honeycomb paper pallets. With us, every detail matters.

Safety in Mind 👷🏻

Discover the often overlooked advantages of opting for a paper pallet. Not only do they prioritize the safety of your workers by eliminating concerns about flaking and protruding shards, a common issue with wooden pallets, but they also steer clear of nails altogether. The absence of holes in our paper pallets acts as a reliable moisture barrier between your floor and carton boxes, while also preventing mishaps when a forklift mistakenly navigates through the pallet openings.

Function meets Versatility 🏗️

Our pallets are designed with utmost convenience in mind – whether it’s forklifts or hand jacks, any model will find a perfect match. While the majority of our pallets boast robustness with their 2-way design, we also provide options for 4-way pallets, ensuring effortless maneuvering.

Friends with Water 💦

Let’s clarify – while we wouldn’t recommend leaving our paper pallets out in pouring rain, rest assured that a damp or moist floor won’t spell disaster. Our pallets are resilient; their legs can be fully coated in wax to withstand moisture. The surface of the paper pallet is not just sturdy but highly breathable, allowing small amounts of moisture to effortlessly evaporate dry.

Product Compliances

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Request for a Free Sample

Leave your details below and we’ll provide a FREE sample you can use immediately for your next shipment!